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Hi! My name is Patti Grayson, and I am a middle school teacher at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, VA.

I taught elementary school (mostly 3rd and 4th grades) for 10 years before moving to middle school in the fall of 2014. I teach 5th grade English, Math, and Computer Skills.

I am a proud PLPeep, and have blogged previously for Powerful Learning Practice’s “Voices From the Learning Revolution

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I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, ages 23 and 19, and have been married for 30 years. I sing with The Virginia Choral Society.


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  1. Hello!

    My class has completed 2 Mystery State Skypes and we would love to Skype with you! I teach 5th grade in Royal Palm Beach, Florida (but please don’t tell your students that! HA!) Please let me know if you are available to Skype with us and when.

    We usually start the Skype as a Mystery State, then tell each other about ourselves.

    Michelle Hogan

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